Discover what municipalities you can visit in Boyacá. You can plan your route over one of the four municipalities and win the chef´s bike. They are very beautiful and warm places where you can have fun and  know more about the Boyacences traditions. 

Menu for executives

The time invested on daily activities each time is longer and full of activities that occupy everything during the day. There are moments in which not even there is time left  to eat in a calm and rested way. Eating is a pleasure that shouldn´t be denied  by a segment of the society as the executives. Always with tied agendas and with meetings and customers to attend, little time is left to enjoy the Colombian gastronomy.

The Corn cake is a recognized icon of the Colombian gastronomy:  it is prepared with different types of corn, and it gets different names. Boyacá department  has a cultural wealth,  architectonic and gastronomic, invaluable. In the folkloric food from Boyacá we find Spanish and Chibchas survivals.